The UAWOS project, funded under Horizon Europe, develops airborne and contactless hydrometric sensing technology to inform climate change adaptation, flood risk assessment and surveillance/management of extreme hydrologic events in remote, hard-to-reach and poorly monitored rivers. We aim to bring sensing technology and surveying workflows to the market and demonstrate data value in a range of use cases in alpine, Arctic and tropical regions.

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In the UAWOS consortium, some of Europe’s leading companies in the areas of UAS remote sensing and satellite EO join forces with researchers and end-users to establish UAS hydrometry as the “new normal” of in-situ hydrometric monitoring for remote and hard-to-reach rivers. We expect that UAWOS hydrometric monitoring solutions will be a factor 2-3 cheaper compared to traditional in-situ surveying, while providing high spatial resolution and accuracy on par with traditional in-situ monitoring. 

Using UAWOS technology, you will be able to

  • Perform river shape and conveyance control more effectively and cheaper than with traditional in-situ technology
  • Perform contactless river discharge monitoring with an accuracy of better than 15%
  • Parameterize and inform hydraulic models used in flood risk assessment and flood forecasting
  • Validate water surface elevation observations provided by satellite earth observation
  • Estimate river discharge from water surface elevation time series at virtual stations

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