UAWOS develops the following drone payloads for hydrometric surveying of rivers:

  1. A radar altimeter payload based on the Geolux LX-80 instrument. The advantages of radar altimetry for river water surface elevation mapping are discussed and demonstrated in this paper.
  2. A tethered sonar payload based on the EchoLogger ECT sensor. The principles of tethered sonar bathymetry are discussed in this paper.
  3. A water penetrating radar (WPR) payload based on the Zond Areo system from Radar Systems. WPR for river bathymetry mapping is demonstrated in this paper.
  4. A Doppler radar payload based on the Geolux RSS-2-300W instrument. Preliminary results of airborne Doppler velocimetry on rivers are documented here.
  5. A Doppler laser payload based on the Teledyne ISCO laser flow instrument.