The Team

In the UAWOS consortium, some of Europe’s leading companies in the areas of UAS remote sensing and satellite EO join forces with researchers and end-users to establish UAS hydrometry as the “new normal” of in-situ hydrometric monitoring for remote and hard-to-reach rivers.

UAWOS consortium

DTU and CNR are at the forefront of satellite and UAS hydrometry internationally. SPH Engineering and Thurn Group have a successful record of accomplishment in payload integration for unmanned airborne monitoring systems. Geolux is the manufacturer of one of the most widely used Doppler radars for river monitoring. Drone Systems is a highly successful drone operator and survey service provider.

Lobelia runs an operational water level service and is the former downstream-services unit of isardSAT, a leading expert on satellite altimetry. SMHI is the Swedish operational flood forecasting and water management authority and TUM works together with a range of operational agencies from the Alpine and West African regions. Hydrometeorological survey departments and water resources authorities responsible for the UAWOS demonstration sites complement the UAWOS team. These include the Po River Basin Authority, the Province of Bolzano, the Bavarian Environmental AuthoritySMHIAGRHYMETNIHSADGRE Benin and the United States Geological Survey. These institutions are associated project partners, they will provide in-kind support to the project and will be members of the UAWOS advisory board.

Need more information? Please contact the project coordinator, Peter Bauer-Gottwein.